I am president of Success Institute, a life and business coaching organization that teaches and inspires successful traits in individuals and organizations. I have an engineering degree from UC Davis and an MBA from UCLA. I have held leadership positions at some of America’s most successful and respected companies including Procter & Gamble, Ernst and Whinney, Trammell Crow Company, GMAC, PNC, and National City Mortgage. I have trained and coached hundreds of successful leaders, sales professionals, and young people. I love interacting with people and it is my passion and my ministry to help them to master the skills of success

There are many excellent companies that seek to teach the secrets of success. I try to explore and teach these topics in a way that even young people and novices can understand, as well as those wishing to go to the higher levels. I have a special passion for and focus on teaching success habits and characteristics to young people, especially high school and college age youth.

My goal is to create insightful and thought-provoking content that causes people to move out of their comfort zone and seek wisdom and direction and apply it in their lives, and then pay it forward. I hope to create dialogue and interaction by promoting comments and insights from like-minded contributors. I expect to learn and grow in my own pursuit of success and significance from the wisdom of the ages and our digital community. If you are a person that seeks wisdom, desires to discover your purpose, wants desperately to be the best you that you can be, and wants to make a significant contribution, then this blog is for you.

I tried to focus my post in four areas: leadership, world events, success, and significance. However, occasionally I will post on current events and their significance which may not fit neatly under one of these headings. I typically post once a week at this time. To make sure you don’t miss my newest post, you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail.



Too often people learn about success habits by painful trial and error, or unfortunately never at all. They can’t see the forest for the trees. This is understandable since most humans throughout history have focused a 90% of their efforts on survival, not self-actualization. Instead of living with intention, they blame their circumstances on the fates, their parents, or something else external to them. These people don’t take ownership or their past, present, or future. This can cause massive pain, to them and others. It has for me too when I have taken this approach. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Great men and women throughout history have made it their quest to rise above their circumstances and discover their own purpose and destiny, and in so doing have discovered some universal secrets and left a trail for us to follow. Why would you and I re-discover these secrets through trial and error when they are immediately available to us for the asking? So, they really aren’t secrets at all, but visible in plain sight for the seeker to discover. The bible (a great source of wisdom regardless of your faith) says “seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be answered unto you”. This is one of the first and most powerful secrets to understand, and a gateway to the others.

But what is success anyway? I believe that we each have the power to create our own vision of success, to fulfill the purpose for which we were put on this earth. So, it isn’t one size fits or preordained. We can all get an “A” in this class. We have all known rich and powerful people who were incredibly lonely, get into public trouble, cause pain to those around them, and their lives end badly with no legacy. So, success isn’t measured by money, power, or fame. Then if it is so fleeting and subject to interpretation, then how do we pursue it? And how do we keep it once we find it?

The working definition that I have used for success comes from one of my teachers and the original success gurus from the 1950’s, Earl Nightingale. (insert some link here)  He said, “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”. This simple statement contains another powerful secret that unlocks many other secrets. It encompasses all of our gifts, dreams,  and possibilities, whether we want to be a businessman, civil servant, priest, or mother. It gives each of us hope for a better life for ourselves and our children. But it still requires work and dedication to master the attitude and disciplines that ultimately lead to your own expression of success. Ultimately, success has to be a life well lived, not theorized about.

Have you ever stopped to wonder is there something beyond success? What if you have climbed the tallest mountains, collected great accolades and awards, and are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams? Many come to mid-life after much climbing and wandering and ask, “is this all there is?”. The answer is that there is something beyond success, something much greater than success- that something is SIGNIFICANCE. You can be successful and still not be significant. But you cannot be significant in be unsuccessful.  I define significance as making a lasting positive difference in other people in this world, beyond just yourself. You leave a legacy, and the world a better place than you found it. I find that this is a longing in my soul and almost every soul I encounter. But we often ignore the quiet voice that is urging us on to significance and to a life lived with purpose and intention. My desire is to give volume and clarity to this voice.


this is my personal blog. As such, the views expressed are my own and the referenced sources. It is always my intent to give credit to the wise sages of the past and current contributors, and even link to them when possible. It is never my intent to take credit for others’ work and insight. If I ever forget or miss a reference, it is clearly an oversight and I would like your help to correct it. Also, as these are mostly opinions, rules of thumb, and generalities, I try not to overburden the post with excessive facts that must be validated or cause debate on insignificant details. When easily done, I do try to validate dates, numbers, and quotes. The exactness of these items is not usually critical to the intent of my post, but I would like your help in correcting them as well. Finally, many blogs today try to stir controversy and in so doing promote factions. It is not my intent to create controversy or to offend, only to explore different success principles through stories and current events. I do not claim to be right or 100% accurate. My own beliefs are still evolving and are enhanced by constructive feedback from others. I realize that many of my topics and graphics will be accused of over generalizing a point. I know people will always find exceptions to the rule. But that does not mean that we cannot learn from the generality, separate the wheat from the chaff so to speak. So again, I would welcome any feedback and corrections that would make this blog better and more interactive.

Finally, the teacher teaches what he most needs to know. It is always a risk to express yourself in writing as words are limiting when it comes to deep thoughts. I too need to leave my comfort zone and take this risk for my own growth. I hope that many of you will teach and enlighten me and others on our pursuit of worthy ideals. I am still on my journey with more life chapters to write. I too am seeking wisdom and this blog is part of that process. You may have some of the answers and secrets that I need. I look forward to connecting with you. In my math, 1 + 1 can equal 3 (or 5 or 10).  Thank you in advance for your support.