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More Eagles Part 3: Raise the Altitude. Focus on your Eagles First

This is part 3 in a series describing solutions and tactics to one of the greatest challenges that faces every organization- recruiting, retaining, and developing the best talent -  and for getting the most productivity out of them to your mutual benefit.  In short, how to get more eagles and less ducks.











Last time we set the foundation for recharging your group to turn them into a high-performance team. First, you have to be working for a good company, that has a good value proposition and values people. If you don’t work for a good company, one that has features and benefits that set you apart, that even the best leader will be limited by the ceiling of their company. Why would you work for a duck company? Either help them to improve or move on.

The 2nd foundational element is to look at yourself. You attract who you are. If you are not a highflying eagle, then you will never recruit or retain many Eagles. So, I gave you some steps to assessing yourself and committing to raising your game. So now what?

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