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A Poem of Hope : “The Flower”

I am a fan of the arts, but I’m not an artist per se. I’ve seen the great museums of the world, viewed man’s greatest works, and can recite much of art history since ancient times. But I can’t draw more than a stick figure. My art is with the word, the pen, of making word pictures to give a glimpse into my feelings and my interpretation of the human  condition.

Georgia O'Keeffe, Flowers

The “arts” come in many forms and most of us have at least a modest gift in one or another. Many think of art as simply painters or sculptors. But there are many traditional arts like dance, theater, and music. And there are modern arts like cinema, photography, crafts, and even new age graphic design. My artistic medium is poetry. And poetry is a lost and under-appreciated art. One rarely hears of great modern poets like Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson. Our closest modern-day poets are songwriters such as Don Henley of the Eagles. But there is something in a poem well-written that strikes a chord and resonates across generations.

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Eagles part 2: How to get more Eagles and less Ducks? Start with you

In my last post, I described one of the greatest challenges that faces every organization – how to attract and retain more eagles while eliminating ducks and cancers.  And I used one of my past mortgage branches as a case study.

When I fit each of my  teammates into the Jack Welch Personal Assessment model above, I found out my problem, why my organization was underachieving despite my working huge hours. I had too few eagles trying to pull the entire train while caring too many ducks and cancers along for the ride. It was getting heavy with my Eagles  were at risk of breaking. What to do? Continue Reading…