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Struggling with the ebbs and flows of life…? Keep the faith! You never know what the tide will bring

Everyone loves it when the tide is going their way in life. But how do we react when the tides of life are flowing away from us? I recently wrote of my passion for classic stories with a moral that resonate across time and culture. I also collect classic movie scenes and lines that have a hidden metaphor or message for my own life-usually just at the time that I need it.

you never know what the tide will bring

you never know what the tide will bring

I am naturally a very positive and joyful person. But I have had periods of darkness in my life. I’ll bet many of you have suffered the same or know family members who have experienced dark moments that have tested their soul and character, especially in recent years since the financial crises of 2008. The psychologists say that in life you are either  “in a crisis, exiting a crisis, or getting ready to enter a crises”. Not an optimist’s view, but with a certain truth.

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